Summary of the book “THE ONE THING“

The book will help you in:

  • Increasing you productivity 🏋
  • Achieving extraordinary results 🏅
  • Increasing your income 📥

Part 1: The lies

The 6 lies which are reducing your productivity :

  1. Multitasking: When you try to do two things at once ,you either can’t or won’t do either well. you think multitasking is an effective way to get more done but you can’t focus on two things at once .Our attention bounces back and fourth.
  2. Everything matters equally: The 80/20 principle says “ the minority of causes , inputs, or efforts usually lead to a majority of the results , outputs , or rewards.” In other words , in the world of success , things aren’t equal . A small amount of the right causes creates most of the results.
  3. A disciplined life: You can become successful person with less discpline than you think, for one simple reason: success is about doing the right thing, not doing everything right. Select one powerful activity at a time and it takes an average of 66 days then the activity becomes a habit.
  4. Willpower is always on Will-Call: You have a limited supply of willpower, so do your most important work your ONE Thing early, before your willpower drawn is like a muscle gets tired after each challenging work, And you need to give it a sufficient recovery time before doing the next hard thing.
  5. Big is bad: All successful people one thing in common, they use to dream big, So there is nothing wrong with dream big. Only living big will let you experience your true life and work potential.
  6. A balanced life:To achieve an extraordinary result you must choose what matters mist and give it all the best of time it demands.When you act on your priority, you’ll automatically go out of balance, giving more time to ONE Thing over another.

Part 2: The truth

The three steps to increase your productivity are :

  • The focusing question: You may be asking why, “Why focus on question when what we really crave is an answer?”, it’s simple. Answers come from questions, and the quality of any answer directly determined by the the quality of the question.The Focusing Question is that uncommon approach. In a world of no instructions, it becomes the simple formula for finding exceptional answers that lead to extraordinary results.
The focusing question is a big picture map and small focus compass
  • The success habit:Make it a habit.When you make asking the Focusing Question a habit, you fully engage its power to get extraordinary results you want. It’s a difference maker Research says this will take about 66 days, stick with it until it becomes your routine. If you’re not serious about learning the Success Habit, you’re not serious about getting extraordinary results.
  • The path to great answers:”The Path to Great answer” you need to start asking yourself the focusing question, you should think big and have the clarity. For example let’s assume, you are an overweight person and you ask yourself following question 1- “what’s the one thing can do to lose weight?” OR 2-What can I do to lose 30 kg in 4 months? Question one is a good question but it does have the clarity. question no. 2 is specific about has the required clarity, hence it’s a great focusing question. Answer required for solving that question, will also be a great one. Taking action on those great answer, will ultimately lead to extraordinary results by increasing your productivity.

Part 3: Extraordinary results

The three steps for achieving extraordinary results are :

  1. Live with purpose: Discover you purpose by asking yourself what drives you.What’s the thing that gets you up in the morning.Clarity of your purpose is a must requirement for achieving extraordinary results and it helps you to take decision quickly and work harder.
  2. Live by priority: Purpose without priority is powerless so, you have to identify your most important priority the ONE Thing you can do right now that will help you achieve what matters most to you and show you the way to extraordinary results.
  3. Live for productivity: The more productive people who achieve extraordinary result, the more purpose and priority are pushing and driving them.Productivity often looks like getting a lot of things done. but, rarely we talk about getting the right things done.
Think of productivity as the tip of an iceberg — it’s all most of us see