Analyzing the Audience

Gaining and capturing your audiences attention


I’ve done an analysis on Paul Contor’s publication “17 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Sean “Diddy” Coombs”.

This story contains paragraphs, accomplishments and work history Coombs completed before his experience with success. Also while reading Contor’s publication, I notice several abbreviations of words that are used which are prohibited when writing in Medium.

I’m fond of the numbering of paragraphs for easy to find topics which are used throughout the entire story. I also noticed how numbers aren’t spelled out, they are written as the actual number.

There are several aspects that are applied to Contor’s publication that Brian Carroll mentions in chapter 5, Writing For The Digital Media. I think they’re all great uniforms for great writing and can’t wait to apply them to my story for publication.

The audience this story is targeted are mainly the Hip Hop culture and people who are fans of Sean “Diddy” Coombs.

The story that Contor has written is informative and entertaining as well. I was enlighten by a few aspects myself that I didn’t know about the great Mogul.

pics of diddy

While I was reading Contor’s story, I thought to myself that I’ve probably never would’ve seen this story if I hadn’t signed up for Medium. If I were to write on a Mogul such as “Diddy”, I would use another outlet that caters more toward the young generation. If I were Contor, I would have this story in magazines such as the one’s listed below.

  1. Source magazine
  2. Vibe magazine
  3. Complex magazine

Most magazines are produced on a monthly basis, so with that said, I would make my publication available once a month in a popular magazine such as The Source magazine.

I would use social media outlets such as and which are popular with the Hip Hop culture. Anything that a person want to know about their favor Rapper or R&B group, youtube is the most visited site to provide information about an Artist. I think either of these channels would be great to advertise my publication as well.

Entertainment will be my main priority. I love to entertain with what I do professionally, and hopefully, I would be just as entertaining in writing.

The only competition I see Contor may have are, the other stories that are published in Medium which most of the stories I’ve read, are probably catered to a generation of 25–45 years of age.

Connor’s style, in my opinion, accommodates the younger to middle generation, so I think there is no need to go by a style that may be taught in an English class. Most people of the urban culture use abbreiviations or short hand writing for communication.

Contors delivery of his story was interesting and concise. He was detailed and didn’t bore you with unecessary concepts and paragraphs of “Diddy’s” life history. Contor gave the reader details on how he got started and how he became successful.

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