To be successful in this class

What I have learned to be successful in this class

One of the key aspects in doing well in Dr. Lucas’s class is turning in all assignments on time. Do not procrastinate! It is impossible to try to read and comprehend so much material and have it turned in at the last minute to receive a good grade.

Throughout my college career I’ve always made sure that my work was priority and anything else came second. By me having to pay for courses out of my pocket that wouldn’t be hard to understand.

Also while working on assignments for this class, make sure you cite your resources correctly. All Images and links should credit the person who provided the information from whom it was obtained from.

Know when to use a singular and plural form of a verb. Avoid personal pronouns such as they and their which I find that difficult to do. Avoid words such as we, our, and us and use appropriate punctuation when writing your story.

Proof read your work over and over again. Once you’ve read your story you may think it’s perfect but once you get someone else to proof-read it, he or she may find errors that you didn’t.

Be consistent. If you’re going to use a certain font throughout the story, use the same font, don’t change up during the middle of a paragraph, it’s awkard and doesn’t look professional.

At this point of the course, I’m still having problems citing sources without the url on display.

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