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Finding an editor and applying information I’ve gained for my submission

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Reading several chapters in Brian Carroll’s book this week gave me the knowledge to put together a well written publication that contains elements to add to before submitting it.

Gaining information that I obtained for my submission post wasn’t difficult at all, however, the only difficulty I’ve had as far as the assignment is concerned is getting an editor to respond back.

I’ve reached out to several editors and haven’t heard from any of them. Hopefully an editor will respond to my emails by the weekend. I’ll keep reaching out to editors on Facebook and Twitter.

The challenges that I’ve experience were trying to find people that have the same interest as I do. There are several topics of discussion about a Hip Hop artist or the music itself, but nothing in detail about the art of Dee Jaying.

One of the topics that I did find about Dee Jaying was too broad and did not pinpoint the aspects of the culture. However, I really found some interesting news on the broad topics of Dee Jaying.

To overcome my obstacles so I’m able to send a good story to a publisher is that I’m searching, and taking notes from other submissions that other editors had post to get an idea of the Dee Jay world and the aspects of their point of view. I have my own detailed Ideas written down for my final submission and I think it will be interesting to engage in. I think it will most definitely catch the readers attention once it gets published.

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