Todays Society

Being muslim right now is difficult,but we have to remember that Allah swt chose us to be here today. He chose us to represent his religion in the best way possible. He chose us to stand with one another through every single battle. He knows that nothing is hard for us, as “he does not give any soul a burden beyond which they can’t handle”. To all the sisters, including myself, who are a “hijabi”(which is the most obvious representation of islam), do not live in fear!! Do not be scared of dressing the way you want and do not be scared of showing people the real face of Islam. I have heard so many stories of Muslim sisters who are getting so much hate and my heart cries every time I read an article about it because no one and I mean no one deserves to go through that! In a time like this, these stories shouldn’t discourage us from any opportunity because we are all beyond capable of upholding our religion while our society is trying to bring it down. I pray for equality and so should you.

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