What is the reason for the failure of most app startups?

Every entrepreneur want to reach top position in their field and wants to be interviewed for their success stories, but only a few of them reach their goals. The reason is they fail to win over the competitors. There are many big brands that are failed before raising, whereas some companies are collapsed for not finding the root cause for failure. Today the common reason for most of the startup’s failure is ineffective digital strategy, this is even more in app-based companies.

But we always have a second chance to reach the target, which teaches us not to do make mistakes again that what we did before. So, here in this article I am explaining some common mistakes that app-driven businesses are making:

Mistake 1: Bad Design

Obliviously companies expects their mobile app to be extraordinary surpassing their competitors apps, so, they unnecessarily add additional features in the app and fail to properly fulfill the core needs of the users. The biggest success in the mobile app development is when you applied your own idea with a twist. Poor and bad design will not attract users, instead users delete your app in a day.

Tip: To avoid it, you have to focus more on creating clutter-free user interface which can help users access your app easily. And you should include very good images as well. The icon of the app needs to be given more attention to grab the attention of all kinds of users. Make sure that you are hiring mobile app development company in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Delhi, Noida, Cochin, or Bangalore, as they are very expert in user engaging app design.

Mistake 2: Asking for pay to download

I know, everyone is here to make money and create brand, but in the first time, you have to offer app free for users, this should continue until you gain their trust. This is why because not only you are developing mobile app, there is a lot of companies offering mobile apps at free of cost and even cheaper than you, so to overcome this competition, you have to give app free at least in the first time.

Tip: In the initial stage, asking pay for download is not a good decision, instead make it Freemium. Freemium is the very popular method of achieving long-term in the app. It helps you make a large number users download your app in the very first time. When your app seems beneficial for users, you can ask users to pay to go for premium version.

Mistakes: 3- Lack of Marketing

Marketing plays a major role in the mobile app success as it can bring a huge popularity to your mobile app. The poor marketing will lead your app get very low downloads and zero conversions. This is one of the major reasons for many startups failure because they do everything in the development part, but they don’t show much focus to market the app.

Tips: Market your app in social media like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and even use Google AddWords. To know how to do it, check with Ways to Do Content Marketing for Your App.

Mistake: 4- Ignoring the users who already downloaded

If you ignore your old customers, then your will lose both the customers and company reputation. Don’t forget to be responsive for the old customers’ queries and concern. Many companies make these mistakes by thinking that replying is a waste of time.

Tips: Make sure that you’re replying to all your customers in the first time itself. Existing users can bring more purchases as they know very well about your services or product, if your response is fine, they will surely recommend your app for others also.

Mistakes 5: Not upgrading your mobile app

As day goes, customers prefer new features in the app. For example, if you take WhatsApp, they update the app periodically, like with images and stickers. Seeing this we feel get excited and very happy, but some companies, after releasing the app, they never think about to upgrade because they don’t find new and innovative features.

Tip: Always try to implement new, innovative features and upgrade your mobile app, then only you can have more customer interaction. Offer some coupons or some percentages of discounts for both first time users and existing users. Keep updating your mobile app with the help of mobile app development companies in Noida, Gurgaon, Delhi, mumbai, Cochin, Bangalore or in your area.

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