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Posting this on the main comments, because my original 6 word reply turned into a larger screed.

jordan/nojordan writes:
“ i’m legitimately curious, because i’ve asked this numerous times and haven’t gotten any real answers. why do you (and many other Ringer commenters) seem to think the Grantland wasn’t left-leaning and was some sort of non-biased haven? because it absolutely was left-leaning, and was very biased (like all media or news/culture sites). i recall reading many, many “leftist” articles on Grantland. the pop culture write-ups (like the GoT recaps) were nearly always influenced by a seemingly left point of view, with the only difference being the lack of a comment section for people to shout about “leftist echo chambers!” and the like. in fact, many of the Ringer writers were primary Grantland contributors (sadly with the exception of Zach Lowe), in pop culture, tech, and sports writing. so why is Grantland seemingly remembered by so many Ringer commenters as a left-bias-free paradise?”

Grantland was liberal.
The Ringer is hysterical (not in the laughing sense), race-baiting (I’d say simply bigoted, in that defining people’s identities primarily by the applicable sociodemographic label is bigoted), regressive, hateful, progressive party-line propaganda, and it’s incredibly shallow.
The majority of writers here were not on Grantland. Mays, Concepcion, Serrano, Curtis (a saner and less bitter version), the occasional Borcas piece (could’ve used your fantasy football articles this season…), and Ryan every once in awhile. No Yoshida, no Jacoby, no Lowe, no Rembert, and no Barnwell among others. Jordan Ritter-Conn was always a few-articles-per-year guy, and they always really well done — but when he strayed into politics/Trump this year it was the same bigoted point of view utterly lacking in balance and meant to tarnish anyone with a different opinion. Unfortunately that’s all he wrote this year. 
I enjoy insightful stories — there’s nothing here that can’t be found on any corporate media website or TV channel in 30 seconds clips, all saying the same things with the same words. That’s kind of odd, isn’t it? Everybody using the same words…
The new writers Bill Simmons brought on for the Ringer are as lacking in technical ability as they are in perceptive analysis. How many articles do you read where you reach the end and wonder what the article was about?
Do you want to know some of the reasons Trump won? Because Progressives, their politicians, and their media piss on your head an tell you it’s raining. Progressives give you a shitty product and then get atop a soapbox and start lecturing about how grateful you should be to them. Progressives tell you you’re racist for not liking our soon-to-be ex-president, sexist for not laughing at Ghostbusters, homophobic for not being gay, or at the very least talking about gay rights as your top priority. Progressives call you a bigot for thinking borders should be enforced, believing that we have no obligation to take in all the world’s poor, and feeling that the US government’s first priority should be its citizens. Progressives call you stupid for skeptical of the facts they present and evil for not ceding money and power to the cause of climate change. I could go on, but you get the point. All opinion that is not progressive dogma gets shouted down as some kind of intellectual or moral inferiority. There is no room for disagreement or debate because the progressive is the ubermensch, and regards the rest of us as subhuman.
We disagree with you and supported a different candidate than the one yall wanted; this does not give you license to abuse.

The Ringer incorporates all these traits and delivers their progressive message in sloppy, lazy, and bilious articles.
People such as Keegan Wholesaler, myself, and others are coming here less and less often. These are some of the reasons why.

Hope that helped.

Oh, and if this upsets you, just remember: it’s all Trump’s fault. And Russia’s. And Comey’s. And Kanye’s. And Elon Musk’s. Maybe blame white-privilege too.

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