It’s worth pointing out that Jordan does not state an opinion beyond briefly giving his own voter…
Doug Wykstra

That is certainly the clever way of presenting propaganda. I’m sure Trump has some crazy supporters and I’m sure that Jordan chose to write about only those people. That’s the author’s prerogative. We also know that Mrs. Clinton has some crazy and violent supporters, some paid and some paying to be so. I know from personal experience that Trump’s support is far more diverse and rational than you’d like to believe. Support for Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, is entirely irrational if one is familiar with all the available information. Her history in public “service” is one of unbroken failure, such as in Libya where she was the main voice pushing for regime change (according to the White House), immense corruption (Saudi Arabia and Qatar among documented “donors”), reckless behavior, and consistent dishonesty. Jordan is a very talented writer, but I must admit I’m disappointed that he uses such talent to promote the vision propagated by what now must be characterized as the Orwellian Ministry of Truth.

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