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The cat represents symbolism. There, I’ve solved it for you. This show was idiotic and has exposed to dimwittedness of all who praise it and actually question what the cat represented. Jesus… I can’t believe the author was paid for this “article.”

Hey, The Ringer: pay me $20 per article and I’ll bang out 15 insanely shallow, popular-opinion pandering pieces per day.

WTF??? Bill Simmons was a great writer because he had unique opinions expressed with personality and oblique references. He and Nietzsche are the two writers I’ve read more than any others. The Ringer makes me think of the last decade of Nietzsche’s life when his writings were appropriated by his sister and twisted to support the ideology that would develop into Nazism. Nietzsche was catatonic and only technically still living. What your excuse, Bill?

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