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Yall realize that The Night Of was ultimately a pretty terrible work of drama, right? I can’t be the only one who recognizes this. It started out well (first 4, 5 episodes), the acting was at first exceptional and then solid, and it was directed well; however, the narrative was idiotic and the writing lazy. There was a good story here but it was executed with the same level of incompetence as the investigation and Naz’s representation.

The courtroom scenes were appallingly dumb. An attorney testifies herself to statements made by a witness in an unofficial and unconfirmable previous meeting? The witness successfully objects? Chandra asks questions in testimony that she doesn’t know the answer to, then responds with devastating shock IN FRONT OF THE JURY? She cries while she closes her case? The prosecutor introduces a piece of evidence irrelevant to the trial at hand DURING her closing argument?

Outside the courtroom: Mach STARTS investigating as closing arguments are wrapping up the trial? Chandra makes out with Naz for no apparent reason, is caught on camera, exposed, and fired. Why??? She smuggles drugs into jail to prepare the defendant for testimony??She’s still going to call him to the stand???

The incompetence of Chandra’s defense is unimaginable. That Naz was still able to get off on a hung-jury after his testimony, in which he and his story were eviscerated, indicates that this was not such a hard case for the defense and would’ve resulted in acquittal had he simply never testified. Come on Chandra, I thought you were supposed to be a capable attorney and not an utter fool.

These are only a few of the many, many inconsistent characterizations and plot developments from the final episodes and grand finale. You may think these are small violations due dramatic license. Were they no so egregious, you’d have a point. So many corners were cut, so many ridiculous expedients taken, and such inaccurate portrayals invalidate whatever commentary they were trying to make about the criminal justice system.

The second episode was devastating — hard to watch as Naz was processed through the justice system. The rest of the series was devastating and hard to watch as the narrative and characters completely fell apart. There was no reason for half of what occurred and no sense in how it was carried through. Larger themes and social commentary were largely limited to brief dog-whistles and the mere mention of ethnicity without any exploration.

I’m baffled by the overly positive response to this show and its second half. It seriously makes me worry for the state of our society and general level of intelligence. The moral of this show: we are all domesticated sheep waiting to be led to slaughter. I will say that lesson was well delivered, not in the narrative but through its execution and “critical” praise. A promising show that failed to follow through.

But hey, why have standards? Let’s just accept what we’re given and praise it like we’re supposed to. Then again, how can I be surprised when there are people that will actually vote for Hillary Clinton to become our president?

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