You make some valid points, but the candidate you explicitly support is a serial philanderer, has…
Gil Batzri

“You make some valid points, but the candidate you explicitly support is a serial philanderer, has repeatedly negotiated in bad faith with every party he has done business with, appears to be a text book narcissist, and is completely unable to even comprehend the office of the President of the United States.”

Whether or not Trump is a serial philanderer is subjective judgement, not very relevant to the job he’s applying for, and not a different from his opponent. One cannot be successful for very long in the business world if one negotiates in bad faith with every party. Why would any party deal with one possessing that record? He may be a narcissist, but I’d say anybody that runs for President is a narcissist and I do not know your qualifications to make psychiatric diagnoses. I’m fairly certain Trump can comprehend the office he is applying for; any claim otherwise is baseless and ignores President Obama’s qualifications prior to his first campaign and the complete lack of executive experience possessed by Hillary Clinton.

“In what world do you think this would lead to a better result than what Clinton et al are offering?”

Reality. The world that operates according to the laws of physics. A world of cause and effect, with a historical record that demonstrates how present conditions are the product of past events rather than random variations that reset daily.

“Yes, she is a career politician, and there most certainly negatives to her (far less than what the right has been proclaiming for the past 30 years, for all the millions if not billions of dollars of our money the right has spent trying to find a crime, they have found none, Bill Clinton got a blowjob, the rest, is as you say “allegations”) But she is an establishment politician, I don’t dispute that.”

Bill Clinton perjured himself about getting a blowjob. Did he need to be impeached for it? I’m not sure, probably not. Hillary Clinton has not been cleared of criminal wrongdoing — the Justice Department declined to prosecute despite the fact that the legal statutes regarding the handling of classified information state that it’s a violation to do so with “gross negligence” and the FBI director characterized her as acting with “extreme carelessness.” I leave it to the reader’s own judgement to decide if those phrases are significantly different, and also what the differences are between bribery and receiving donations from private financial interests and foreign agents. The Clintons were forced to pay restitution for furniture and decorations that they took from the White House when moving out.

“Trump has repeatedly recklessly lied, destroyed anyone one he perceived as being in his way, and exhibited all of the control and restraint of a pissed off spoiled 10 year old. How can you possibly think this is a better candidate?”

When speaking of repeated lying, reckless action, and destroying those perceived as being in the way (all accusations that you’ve failed to provide basis for), nobody has as extensive a public record as Hillary Clinton. She is on the record as lying about her private server and whether or not classified information was sent or received. She ordered the destruction of public records after receiving a subpoena for those records. She is on the record about lying regarding the motivations for the attack in Benghazi and the deaths of 4 Americans. She is on the record laughing about the rape of a 12 year old girl and brutal murder of Libya’s dictator Qaddafi without regard for future consequences in either case. Whatever the circumstances, an inordinate number of her associates have been killed by unnatural causes and numerous women that claim to be victims of sexual assault perpetrated by her husband have consistently stated that she intimidated them and threatened both themselves and their families. She accuses Russia, the only nation that poses a potential existential threat to the US, of election tampering and war crimes with less evidence than that which indicated the existence of WMDs in Iraq (a war she voted for). Numerous Secret Service agents report that she has a violent temper and abusive manner, throwing books, bottles, lamps, or whatever else is nearby at people. Even if everything you say about Trump were true, he’d still be a far better candidate than Hillary Clinton.

“Sure he bangs a populist drum, and talks about trade deficits, and making America great, but he hires illegal labor to work in his hotels, he buys all the “make America great again” hats from China (really? wtf seriously?) He has settled with the government when accused of being a racist landlord. And lastly he has a long history of not paying people who have performed work for him, as well as serial abandoning of his debts and obligations thru bankruptcy.”

Trump’s interests as a businessman and as potential president are different and require different practices. He’s shown an ability to understand legal and economic practices that provided him an opportunity to take advantage. His products can be cheaply produced in foreign nations at a higher profit to himself because of the trade deals put into place by Bill Clinton and bipartisan Congressmen. He has a history of not paying people whose work he deemed unsatisfactory, thus violating the conditions of their employment in his mind. He also has a record of creating jobs and paying those who have petitioned for checks on projects that weren’t completed. Politically motivated prosecutions might be okay with you, but I think they’re dangerous. If settling a case proves wrongdoing, then you must also conclude that Bill Clinton sexually assaulted Paula Jones, to whom he paid a settlement. Trump is a serial success, having built a multi-billion dollar empire from a 1 million dollar loan and used legally used bankruptcy laws as intended, to mitigate losses. Sure we don’t all get million dollar loans, but how many of us turn one dollar into 10,000 dollars? The populist drum he bangs is that our Federal Government is infested with corruption and that American interests should be the President’s, and all elected representatives’, priority. Makes sense.

“What part of that list says “President” to you?”

The part about prioritizing American interests above corporate, personal, and foreign concerns, upholding the constitution (the explicit job of the President), and reducing public corruption. The part where he provides leadership despite being personally attacked by corrupt, self-interested politicians and a corrupt, biased corporate media colluding with his opponent.

The rest of what you say is your opinion, which I more or less disagree with. I’ve responded to your questions. Now, will you please respond to any of those that I previously posted? You’ve stated why you dislike Trump — but what I asked is why do you trust and support Hillary Clinton?

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