Stop Reading
Ben Noble

Consuming content… so is reading then the equivalent of eating healthy while flitting around the web at light speed would be binging on candy? I love reading, for someone to tell me that its equal to the flickering of someone scrolling through Facebook like a dope fiend looking for a fix is disturbing.

I think most books have a lot of differences from other media, a mystery they alone possess. Hours went into the pages, days into the ideas, they are saturated with the soul of a person. A child birthed in the mind and given form in the pages. Many have been researched for years before coming into being. The books I love are my most beloved of friends, and I often fall back into their embrace when the days grows crimson with pain. I don’t feel that way about any webpages, magazines, clickbait or movie.

Maybe I’m old and tired. But books are magical things that have carried me through life's waters when everyone had deserted me. I won’t forsake that friendship by denouncing them or comparing them to other lesser forms of media.