So while it maybe easy for a secular person to dismiss a Muslim or Jewish woman’s belief that her faith is feminist simply by reading her holy book, please try to understand there are cultural, theological and cosmological learnings around those ideas that are not so literal.
No the prophets were not feminists: but that doesn’t mean modern believers aren’t
Madelaine Hanson

It’s also what you mean by feminist. The definition is that you believe in equality. Now what does equality mean? For some that does mean that the man goes to work and the woman raises the kids but that both jobs are equal. For others it means that either gender can do what they want and should be honored for that. Both are views of equality but are not exactly the same. Added into this is that today’s world is not what it was thousands of years ago.

When heavy back breaking labor was the norm along with a need to be super aggressive I don’t think that many woman would be welcome or want to be in those jobs.

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