Dear Ashton Kutcher:
Alison Grippo

Many of these questions have different responses depending on who you ask. I’d agree with some of your answers and not with others. I’ve seen sexism in my industry and agree it’s not a level playing field. Not even close.

I’d rather have someone asking the wrong questions than no questions. On that we agree as well. The main part I think people play is educating others about it. I talk to men all the time about real world examples, even when their questions are offensive. We all have to be educators not warriors. We can’t fight our way out of this but we can teach our way there.

I’m not a fan of his questions but the response only highlighted why others don’t ask. If we yell when it gets brought up in a way we don’t like then people outside the choir stop asking. They back away quietly and just nod without any real engagement. That only insures that the system will never change.

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