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You’ve got to be kidding me. You’re demanding the right to offend people because other people have hurt you. If I did that I’d go punch a woman because I was raped.

Woman are the most subjugated minority in the world. There is no where on the earth were woman have it consistently better or have more power than men. Aside from small tribes here and there.

And somehow you think the way to correct this behavior is more offensive hate? When exactly are we going to establish a dialogue that doesn’t demonize half the people on earth? When are we going to start blaming the people that are actually raping, harassing, assaulting us instead of blaming an entire sex.

This tactic has been adopted by sections of humanity to a worrying degree. To almost no results. It’s a failing tactic, people don’t respond to insults with understanding. People’s give shit decreases the more you yell at them.

You don’t fix a broken bone by breaking it the other way. You don’t start change with slogans of violence and hate.

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