I’m a UX Designer, studying Strategic Design from Parsons School of Design. In my final year of Masters, we were supposed to pick up a topic to research, that we deeply care about. During the summer, I thought my internship would help me choose the topic of my design research in whichever “industry” I’d be working in.

Interestingly, more affected by the culture and the organization, I chose “Corporate Culture” and “Innovation” as my research topic, and four other teammates, came along to give the name of our research topic as “Intrapreneurship”. Sounds heavy? …

Due to an eye for detailing required for work, it has built-in my habit to observe things closely. With this annoying habit, the culture shock and the “New-York Moment” compelled me to write again after procrastinating for months. Here’s a shortlist of things that I found different in New York from my home country, India.

Picture by Sadhvi Sharma
  1. “Have a good one”

In India, as a woman, if you greet an unknown guy, he’ll probably follow you till your apartment with a greedy-grin and stalk you on Facebook. But it’s different in the states. (Except Joe from You, Netflix)

People in New York…

This article showcases the importance of designers and stakeholders looking at problem-solving as the common goal, ideologies that can be used to gain a broader and deeper understanding of wicked problems and it elucidates how to solve these complex problems with solutions.

Design as Participation

Don Norman in Apple 1993, mentioned about User Centric Design

“I invented the term [User Experience] because I thought Human Interface and usability were too narrow: I wanted to cover all aspects of the person’s experience with a system, including industrial design, graphics, the interface, the physical interaction, and the manual.”

This introduced the term…

Disclaimer: Everything stated here is from personal experience. No deliberate attempt to hurt any sentiments has been made in this article. 😛

I understand the fact that my reasons for why android is better than iOS could be due to my recent switch to iOS coupled with my muscle memory being in denial. Apart from the common reasons like android is customizable, available in a variety of price range, Google sync, external storage, dual sim, etc. there is more I have to talk. It’s more about the UX than the physical differences.

  1. No swipe Keyboard

The first app I downloaded…

A better way to get things done!

What is Dunzo ?

Dunzo is an app where things in your To-do list are assigned to another person when you can’t (or won’t) do them. Currently, it operates out of Bangalore.

Let’s see, what can you think of? Picking up your grocery from the supermarket? Finally getting your leaking tap in the kitchen fixed (that you’ve postponed doing for the past two weeks)? Buying curtains for your home?

You. Name. It. And believe me, they handle mood swings too, at least in my case!

I have a long list of experiences with Dunzo. Every time it…

Sadhvi Sharma

Senior Product Designer @Round Feather, Inc. | UX | Strategy | Technology | Innovation | Organizational Culture | Psychology | Growth Mindset | Developmental

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