Why kdramas are so addictive?

The Korean entertainment industry is booming right now. The global audience for k-pop and k-dramas are increasing across Asia and even in Europe and north America. This wave of Korean cultural popularity is called “Hallyu”. Now, the question is why people are addicted to k-dramas? So, after reading this you will understand why that one friend of yours is always talking about it. And of course ,there must be a reason why people are so addicted to k-dramas.

The reason for addiction is because it introduces to a world that is way beautiful, romantic and amazing than our real life. Our reality is very boring so this ideal life in k-dramas attracts our attention towards them.

Many people watch k-dramas because they are different from the ones they are used to; their stories are not same, like in our dramas it is same topic, same storyline repeating year after year , Aaah its so boring watching the same plot again and again. The plots, types of characters and even settings feel new and different ,their interesting storyline and unpredictable twists makes them more exciting.

K-dramas have unique concept in every genres including rom coms , historical dramas, fantasy, science fiction and others. It is refreshing and you never feel repititiveness. Mostly, rom coms are hit because peoples lives are full of sad events so they wanted to laugh and smile and also people enjoy watching romantic dramas.

And the good thing is that mostly k-dramas are G-rated and are very clean as compared to American movies or television. In k-dramas we see love,(not sex, not lust) ,only love. Foul language is rarely used and I rarely see any voilence ,now seriously we don’t want to see that kind of stuff all the time, we are tired of all this negativity.

In their dramas , actors or actresses acting skills are amazing ,their expressions,actions are according to situation , they beautifully convey the emotions of character they are playing. Apart from acting, they are very attractive and handsome, it is one of the reasons for k-dramas popularity and believe me those beautiful actors are blessing to your eyes.

Their shots and location are very good, cinematography completes the mood of scene perfectly. They create emotional connection with viewers in such a way that they feel the same emotion as of character.

There are lot of beautiful moments in k-dramas. Some are funny and some are cute and we really love watching them. It is also very interesting thing that the male characters respect the female characters in their lives and they are not boring but they are also funny and cute.

Their soundtracks are amazing. They have different soundtracks for different situations which enhance the beauty of the scene,each scene has an ost which plays to bring out the emotion of the scene. They have breathtaking soundtracks and you will definitely listen them on repeat.


All episodes are connected to each other, each episode puts us on tenterhooks which can not be helped but watch the next episode and we end up watching the whole drama in a day.

Watching dramas of different culture let you absorb the information about that culture, you learn different social norms by watching day to day life of character. We get to know more about different traditions ,lifestyle, food, music so,its really informative.

K-dramas give detailed information on particular topic they portray in a single drama,the whole drama is on one single topic so it is so much informative and detailed that you feel like you are an expert in that particular field (lol).

K-dramas portray moral values which is very fascinating. In k-dramas people can learn about family values, friendships and maintaining relations. Some people might find it borings but its very interesting and refreshing for me.

Koreans have good sense of fashion which we can see in their dramas. The fashion in their dramas has definite trend appeal. The accessories are just as amazing as the clothes it is very nice to watch their cool and chic styling in their dramas,both men and women carry outfits very well.

Their language is very interesting, the language sounds pleasing and does not irritate you. By the time you become the k-drama fan you not only become pro subtitle reader but you will know several key words and phrases like “annyeongghaseyo” for hi and “kamsahamnida" for thank you and most importantly you will be able to confess your love to your “Oppa" you will know what Oppa means once you starts watching k-dramas.

Speaking of food, korean cuisine is pleasing to the eye, almost every episode shows delicious looking dishes like grilled steak, kimchi, bibimbap, soups and its really hard to watch k-dramas and not get cravings for food. Such delicious looking dishes makes you want to join them.

A typical k-drama is about 16–20 episodes ,which is the perfect length to tell the whole story (build up,interval and conclusion) , their dramas are short and beautiful that is why you dont get bored and as they are according to your expectations so you want to seek for more dramas.

People watch k-dramas more because video streaming sites have made them more easily available than in past so people watch it because they actually can now. Netflix ,hulu, viki and many other sites stream k-dramas with subtitles of many languages so it is very convenient for viewers across the world to watch them.

I like k-dramas because they have great storylines , beautiful actors and their amazing acting, mind-blowing music and the detailed information of particular topic.

Here are some of my favourite dramas:

Warning⚠️ after reading this, you might want to watch k-dramas ,its very addictive so you are already being informed that you might end up watching k-dramas all night and your sleeping patterns will deteriorate.

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Sadia sultan.

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