College 101: Advice About Doing Drugs

When I came to college, I expected to have a blast. I was hoping to find long lasting friends, discover my passion, and maybe experiment with illegal substances. I had never gotten drunk before college, just because I hated the taste. I have experimented in using drugs, but I never go overboard. The first couple of months of college, I hadn’t really found what I was hoping to find. I had a couple of friends, but I didn’t have a passion, yet. I had gotten drunk, which was fun, but I decided that not being in control of my body wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until after winter break I really found myself. I had gotten a house with my good friends, I had basically stopped drinking, and I was getting on the right path of school. I was taking English 101, and I was really liking the class. I was doing a research project on the stigma of drugs in college when I discovered that the subject of drugs really interested me. My theory of the project was that young adults should be educated in drugs and really know what they’re getting into if they were going to do them. I’ve decided to give upcoming college students, and/or current college students some unprofessional advice… so, here are some suggestions of safety to get you started on your curiosity of drugs.

Know Your Limits:

The second night of college, one of my friends had some people over. They were your average college freshman: drinking and doing stupid things because they were independent for the first time. A guy came into my friends room. He was drunk out of his mind. He was drinking constantly throughout the night. He ended up passing out in a bathtub with alcohol poisoning. He woke up in the hospital the next morning very disoriented. That might sound like a fun night, but if you don’t know your limits, you can end up in the hospital, or worse.

Tip: When drinking, keep a tally of how many drinks you’ve taken.

Educate Yourself:

Whenever thinking about experimenting with different drugs, educate yourself. Search them on the internet. Watch YouTube videos. There are a lot of drugs out there that are less dangerous than you may think, and there are common drugs that you might think are okay for you to consume, but will damage your organs in the long run.

Tip: Ask people with experience in the drugs you are interested in trying for stories.

Peer Pressure is Stupid:

If you go to a party in college, there will always be those people who want you to drink more, or do something that you’ve never done before. Don’t do something that you’re not comfortable with. My friend once went to a party with a couple of her friends. A girl came up to her and asked if she wanted to do a line (of cocaine). She was a bit hesitant because she had never done cocaine before. The girl who asked kept looking at her. Finally, my friend apologized and said no. The girl shrugged and walked away. Later that night, the same girl who had asked my friend to try cocaine tripped down the stairs and broke her arm. My friend said that she was grateful that she said no because she could have been the one who fell down the stairs. It only takes one word to change your life.

Tip: If you’re ever peer pressured into trying something and you’re at all hesitant, just say no.

Don’t Do Them Everyday:

If you plan to do drugs, then don’t do them everyday. Don’t make it a routine to wake up and take a shot or smoke a bowl or do a line. Someone I know used to wake up, do a bump of cocaine, a bump of ketamine and then go to school. She ended up in rehab. Doing drugs everyday or even every other day can lead to addiction. If you do drink or do other drugs, just do them on the weekend or very occasionally.

Tip: If you’re craving alcohol or another kind of drug, think twice about the long-term effects.

Lets face it… Most college students will experiment with drugs. A lot of these students will try alcohol and a lot of students will try other drugs. It is inevitable that students will do drugs. Don’t ignore that college students will experiment. My advice to anyone who wants to experiment with drugs is to become educated on them. Learn the effects that they will have on your mind, brain, and your body. Just be aware.