I Am That Statistic

I am not a feminist. This separates me from many of my peers. I am liberal. I do believe in equality for all. I believe in feminism. I believe in living in a country that gives equal opportunities to both men and women.

One in five women have gone to Planned Parenthood at least once in their lifetime. I am part of that statistic.

Planned Parenthood(PP) started in 1916 and was founded by Margaret Sanger who created a place for women to make decisions about their bodies in a safe way. It is now 2015 and it feels as though I have been catapulted into Sanger’s time of being told by a bunch of White Anglo-Saxon Protestant men (WASP’s) telling women around the country that they have no voice. The irony is almost unbearable.

The House of Representatives decided (yet again) that PP should be defunded by the government. Of course they choose to wait until the Pope visits town, America is thrusted into the GOP Debate and a highly edited video is released “showing” PP selling the tissue of unborn children. I hope that is not the case, but I am not in the place to say whether or not it is true.

This began to snowball just in time for the CNN Republican debate where we got to hear Carly Fiorina release an artificial whimper over the edited video, and then go on to talk about how weed kills. I have sympathy for her and the tragic death of her son but come on Carly, Willie Nelson is living proof that your point is invalid. It was easier to discredit her statements about PP after that and I made somewhat of a mockery of it until I was confronted with the harsh reality that the House was aggressively pushing for the defunding of PP.

The probability of tacking it onto other bills, although we already know Obama will veto it, is a real threat. Of course, the House will drag America into yet another pointless government shutdown, which never helps anything. So instead of my taxes going toward under-privileged women in need of healthcare, it goes toward paying for a bunch of Republicans to sit around and cry about not getting their way. Cool.

A lot of Republicans don’t want to “fund” PP with their tax dollars, yet the rest of us are supposed to pay tax dollars to pay them to sit around on their asses and whine like a temperamental three-year-old? That makes sense. What riddles me is that Republicans think that they are “funding” abortions, but the statistics don’t lie.

In reality, three percent of the patients who go to PP receive abortions, according to the Planned Parenthood 2013–14 annual report. That leaves room for 97 percent of patients visiting PP for multiple reasons. 42 percent of men and women get STD treatment and testing, 34 percent receive contraception(less babies reproduced equals less money funneled into welfare, you’re welcome Republicans) 11 percent go toward other women’s health services like Pap Smears and other reproductive health necessities, nine percent goes to cancer screening and prevention. Yes, PP wants its patients to be healthy. How shocking.

Whether or not this bill will ever be enacted, America is reverting back to an unjust time in society where women were oppressed and that is not okay. 2.7 million women, men, and teens aided by PP. I am not a part of the 3 percent who received an abortion, but I am a part of the 20 percent who received free healthcare from PP as a teenager. I am that statistic.