#Bugbounty How I Takeover Microsoft Store.


Today. I will proudly share to you, how I was successfully takeover microsoft store page, i have been learning from diffrent security researchers write-up in the bug bounty field, so i decided to share my few findings with you as it might help others who started in the Bug Bounty journey.

The bug i wanna share with you, it was new to me hence i never came across any bug like this throughout my reading from other researchers write-up.

From low impact to store takeover, “this how i may call it”

The first tool I used to identify the vulnerable of a domain was https://github.com/aboul3la/Sublist3r

Running on my android through TERMUX

I am recommending you to have it on your smartphone you can download it here https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.termux

Let’s the game started:

I was not a full time bug hunter, so i usually start looking a bug when i have time so this time, i started my recon on flipgrid.com.

What is flipgrid?

Flipgrid is the leading video discussion platform used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators, and families around the world.

You can check it out that it was manage by microsoft


I start up my termux I did a simply recon using Sublist3r and found a subdomain

Image for post
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Store.flipgrid.com after visiting it, i got a redirect to flipgrid.bigcartel.com

Whith an erro like this.

Image for post
Image for post

Which means that i can takeover the store page

The question is what is bigcartel?

Bigcartel is a unique online store, where you can sell your work, and run a creative business. Perfect for clothing designers, bands, jewelry makers, crafters, and other artists. Just like Shopify

I quckly sign up

Open a store with flipgrid.bigcartel.com

Now when ever a user visit store.flipgrid.com he got redirected to my claimed store page

Image for post
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You know Noobs ain’t like duplicate

I quickly write the report to microsoft got a replay within 3Hrs of my report

Do you wanna know what i get from microsoft? HOF

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Once again i was happy for that because i learn new things.

I hope Ed will add it on his repo because it was a new thing


Lesson learn:

Finding bugs on your target its base on how you think you can make it: don’t say “ i can’t do it on my smartphone” because it suck’s” to me: if you had Termux on your smartphone, its like you had your PC on your pocket

Most of my finding like XSS,LFI,SQL, e.t.c, i did it with my smartphone.


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Thanks for reading

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