Reason why your school should get listed on student coin platform

Student coin was generated and renders to the universe and to the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, learners and undergraduates (Students) scholars to utilize the effectiveness of student that can themselves within the world though the platform in general which individuals’ access to search their favorite schools and universities. The student coin is a coin that aims to pave and create multi university blockchain network that links and joined universities globally. While introducing the student coin, STC found out the utility with ambitious in the project which generally benefits the world in general that every scholar would possibly connect and got linked to each other in single channel through the help of blockchain technology this dream could be able to actualized. This is a great news all over the world for the technical personnel to get their school listed in the student coin platform. These, it also allows you to think realistically about future, benefits and including the development. STC are guaranteed that nobody has not done such a thing yet and the potential that this currency has contain an endless benefits.

Tokenization for the future, the word use by this project is generally looking into education utilization and expansion for student in many other universities, this is one of the major interests and long-term goals of setting up the student coin (STC). Every single university migrated into the system can have its tokens based on the central currency of student coin.

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What is student coin?

The student coin is the first cryptocurrency oriented and organized project of the universities, connecting students from various institute seamless of their location and region to share a common goal.

The Aim of Student coin

The aim of student coin project is to create an enjoyable value in educational system which offers to educate and integrate student around the globe on how to enhance the modern educational system to suit scholars to benefits the usefulness of blockchain technology. More details would be found on our website.

The student coin project is run and manage by students’ facilities and entrepreneur from about 16 universities which includes the following;

Kozminski University, New York University, Harvard University, Stanford University, Oxford University, London School of economics, University of Warsaw, Maastricht University, Imperial college London and 7 more recognized institutes in the world. The university regularly placing value of innovation, new technology research, creativity to foster scholars. By so doing, the universities got great ideas and connected to each other through student platform to share a common goal. Therefore, the world growing sectors and it needs great innovation which is known as blockchain based system to facilitate and configures some major edges in the student’s coin ecosystem. Our greatest joy would be to connect every individual through blockchain to gain and benefited from our platform regardless of your institutes and universities or regions. Our portals or platform enables students and non-educated individual to communicate and share common data around the university ecosystem which can also be used to store individual date and information making the site very easily to be accessible by every student which their various schools is being listed on our platform. If your school not listed in our platform don’t panic as your management can apply for the listing of your school. The main advantage and benefits of the STC program is the full support of academic facilities with a professional business driven and educated approach towards the program.

Guess what!!

Our token being student coin has been listed on the cryptocurrency exchange where you can purchase STC token this allow student of the universities to request or purchase our coin. The crypto currency markets allowing them to trade, invest, send or receive student coin as well as gives classes about personal finance and new technology. The list of supported universities, student and faculties is constantly updated. All the faculties, students, and alumni from our 500 supported universities are through to receive the one-time 100 STC airdrop using their universities emails. Exchange where you can purchase and sell student coin includes; 1., 2. Uniswap, 3.

Student coin is currently listed on Coinmarketcap

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The purpose of the project.

Basically, the student coin project is segmented in to two major part this includes;

The educational part that aim to teach students about the blockchain, tokenization and new technologies and personal finance as well as to create an international close-limited academic community between universities.

The tokenization part whose goal is to tokenized universities providing the blockchain technology as the store of student’s data, creating the single university tokens and building the international academic ecosystem based on student coin innovation. Furthermore, the project will set a student coin based multi-university ecosystem with the student coin powered solution as;

STC terminal: the software for universities, student organization facility to create and carefully utilized resources.

STC exchange: the general available trading platform will all the university token to convert only to STC. A place for the student token offering performance and university-based startup fundraising. preview not available

Student app: the international mobile application for iOS and Android to store, swap and carefully used the utility of the token created in the student terminals.

Advantage Of STC Holders

STC Token will work as the reference currency and value storage for all assets in the Student Coin ecosystem.

STC Token will allow you to create your own token and manage it utilities in the easy to use STC Terminal.

STC Token gives the access to Educational Panel that promotes tokenization and educate about economics, finance and new technologies.

STC token holders will receive a part of the profit generated in the STC Exchange from fees for tokens trading and crowdfunding.

STC Token will be the currency to perform crowdfunding for startups, ideas and people at STC Exchange for iOS and Android.

In summary, the student coin project has brought a lot of benefit in terms of connection and sharing data with the simple linking of universities and this was able to be achieved by the innovation of blockchain technology, our target is to innovate the academic system to be free and fair for every student to share resources. There are some details which I would drop below to enable you get connected to our project team and designers. The road map and token details will also have a special link for you to check on those updates.

Website | Whitepaper | Facebook | Linkedin | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | BTT: Christabel247

wave exchange address:3PDe5xdmBUyMKDsZ591yCxaoFFovKQC8xMG



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