UX vs UI

Studying design and implementing design are two different aisle. Over a period of one year working in design field have seen myself grow and understand about how crucial design is. It is not only about how it looks but it also manages to guide and help the user to reach his/her goal.

Design is just not about following guidelines based on the current or ongoing trends but mostly importantly about asking question to yourself that how easy will it be for your user to understand? What are the most important features your user will use and keeping that upfront. What are the things will they use regularly and what occasionally.In order to reach here categorize your study and element.Working with developers i have been always arguing about “Design is not about how it looks but always about how it works.” If your design looks beautiful but it difficult for your user to navigate and reach his final goal the user will loose interest. It is not about using the ongoing trends like the side navigation bar, tabs, buttons, Icons, colours but it about serving your user in the best possible way.

If your following the latest trends for example replacing icons with text but still your user is not able to understand the icon it is a bad design. If they requires text i believe give him that! new trends will keep coming but solution should always be one which is most effective. Even if you are violating a particular guidelines but coming up with a solution which serves best to your user i think go for it, fight for it you could be the new trendsetter. I hope this helps.



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