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Dear Writer,

Turn inward. You will not find 9 tips on how to publish your short story. Or 11 productivity apps for writers. Or how to make $14,896 in one month with passive income streams with your writing skills. This is glossing over the hard part.

There is so much to explore within the walls of your psyche. What is contained there is nearly endless and holds the only truth that you may ever find in this life — and the truth is what you are writing.

Truthfully, that is all I know to tell you. …

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We have all heard that mantra of “choose your battles wisely.” And a lot of us define our inner selves, personalities, and spirit in how we behave during and after life’s back-breaking battles.

But what about those tiny battles? The little, seemingly insignificant, wars we wage in our daily lives matter. The accumulation of those moments matter just as much as the ones that leave a scar.

One day last fall, I came home to my 120-year-old farmhouse and noticed the soil is drying out the roots of the freshly planted chrysanthemums.

I hop out of the Jeep, still in…

E.L. Sadler, at age 30, holding a notebook containing her wedding vows.

Dear Little Self,

I see you.

You don’t think anyone sees you, but I see you.

You are always saying how you wish you could see the future to make the right decisions. Well, hello, nice to meet you, I’m your future self. And I am here to fill you in.

Allow me to outline some things for you about what’s up in this particular time zone. It is 20 years down the road and you just reached age 35.

It is 2020.

Girls don’t wax their eyebrows into tiny lines any more. In fact, they would kill for your…

Erin Sadler, Ph.D.

Writer. Psychologist. Fueled by conversation, connection, coffee, & internet cats.

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