6 Major Benefits of Availing Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an effective natural therapy that has been practiced since ages and includes rubbing, pressing and manipulating your muscles, tendons and ligaments to help you relax and unwind.Today, this complimentary health care practice has broken the notions of being a luxury retreat and has become an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. In fact, a person could avail numerous health benefits by availing regular sessions of massage therapy. Ranging from light stroking to deep pressure techniques, massage therapy is available in different styles and techniques.

Today, massage is not just offered by luxury spas or classy health clubs and is offered by clinics and hospitals as complimentary healthcare therapy and is being offered along with conventional treatment for a wide range of health conditions and situations. So, if you’ve never tried this therapy, you need to learn about its possible health benefits.
1- Reduces Stress, Anxiety and Depression:

Besides effective relief from stress, massage therapy soothes anxiety and depression. With an apt massage therapy, the level of cortisol (stress hormone)in the blood gets reduced resulting in raised spirits and lowered blood pressure. It can also boost the release of neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine that is responsible for reducing depression.
2- Effective Relief from Pain:

Massage therapy has helped people suffering from debilitating pain caused as a result of back pain while helping them to function better. It has also been related to providing relief from stiffness and pain relief to people suffering from osteoarthritis.

3- Promotes Sleep:

An effective massage therapy can promote healthy sleep. Studies conducted link this effect with massage’s effect on delta waves (brain waves connected to deep sleep).

4- Alleviate Headache:

Massage therapy is known to alleviate discomfort caused due to headache such as tension headache and migraine. In fact, with regular rubdowns, frequency of attacks in patients suffering from migraine has reduced significantly.

5- Beautiful Skin:

An effective massage therapy ensures better circulation of blood, which in turn firms soggy skin and boosts lymphatic damage that adds liveliness to a dull complexion and lusterless hair.
6- Relief from Side effects of Debilitating Diseases:

Massage therapy is particularly recommended for patients undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy. Studies reveal that this therapy has offered notable results in assuaging symptoms of fatigue, pain, depression and nausea.
Allowing yourself a regular massage therapy of 30 to 60 minutes can improve your overall health and well-being in several ways. So, book some sessions of Massage Therapy in Brighton, NY to reap its endless benefits.