Enjoy Holistic and Natural Healing by Hiring the Services of a Practitioner Offering Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is a form of complementary and alternative health care practice that dates back to thousands of years and has evolved with its own set of theories, diagnostics and therapies. Since, the last decade, Chinese medicine has been well accepted in the western nations for its significant role in preventing and assuaging symptoms of debilitating diseases such as cancer.

It is a type of natural and holistic health care system that stimulates body’s own ability to heal. It considers all aspects of a patient’s life, instead of just obvious signs or symptoms. Practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine view the body as a complex network of interconnected parts rather than separate organs or systems.
Amongst all the available branches of TCM, herbal medicine is also known as the healing branch of TCM that utilizes Chinese herbs to provide healing effects to a patient. The treatment is based on the philosophy that energy giving force flows across the body through invisible channels or meridians. When this flow of energy gets disrupted, body reacts by falling sick. Practitioners of Chinese medicine prepare appropriate concoction of the herbs to treat a particular condition while increase synergistic effect.
Today, around 350 common Chinese herbal formulas that have been derived over centuries are available and can be used to address different kinds of imbalances. Although, for every condition that you can imagine of, there is a traditional herbal formula available, a TCM practitioner modifies the formula to suit the specific condition and constitution of the patient. This makes each formulation highly specific to the patient.

Unlike modern medicine, Chinese herbs are not used to treat specific disease or disorder, like PMS, migraine headache etc as such. They are instead used to correct imbalances within the body, which is indeed the root cause of any sort of discomfort caused by a disease or ailment. While there are several patients and doctors of modern medicine who are still skeptical about the effectiveness of TCM practices, research suggest that complementary health care modalities can bring a world of difference in the quality of a patient’s life.

Traditional Chinese medicine encompasses plethora of benefits. Some of the significant benefits of availing traditional Chinese Medicine include reduced levels of stress, natural pain management, better sleep, stronger immunity and reduced need for medications. So, if you are looking for practitioner offering Chinese Medicine in East Rochester, NY, make sure you engage the services of a reliable, qualified and licensed practitioner.