How Can Applied Kinesiology be used for Effective Treatment of Depression and Anxiety?

One of the most common health problems that have plagued a major segment of the US population is anxiety and depression. Studies and research conducted by ‘Anxiety and Depression Association of America’ reveal that about 40 million of Americans who are more than 18 years of age suffer from some or the other sort of mental illness including anxiety. While most people prefer to resort to conventional medicine for alleviating symptom of anxiety, there are quite many who choose to take the less trodden path of availing alternate medicine or therapies that are known to cure a person holistically. One such alternative treatment approach that can cure the problem of anxiety is ‘Applied Kinesiology’.

Right from insomnia, muscular pain, shivering and claustrophobia, anxiety is accompanied with several other symptoms. However, different people suffering from anxiety display different symptoms and thus should be dealt with individually. A Kinesiologist will sit with the patients to understand their specific anxiety symptoms while find out the cause of their particular behavior. This includes finding out the things that cause your anxiety and thus create a relationship of cause and effect. AK involves the usage of muscle testing for emotional triggers and dietary factors that may dampen their spirits. Apart from this, AK for treatment of depression involves making appropriate lifestyle changes especially if it involves unhealthy habits such as substance abuse and more. This treatment approach strives to bring the body in harmony with itself and its environment.
AK helps to harmonize the nervous system and body’s chemistry so as to take off the stress internally, as well as from the area of the root cause. This relief moves outwards to alleviate the symptoms of depression. Since, the body is a unified whole, adjustments made in the body can equally affect the mind. The benefit of availing AK for treating anxiety and depression is that there isn’t any need to introduce more chemicals or drugs to already distressed body chemistry.

AK focuses on using the body’s own inherent chemistry to heal itself while prevent the stress caused as a result of prolonged drug therapies. This result in a situation where the patient doesn’t experience new set of symptoms, and side effects. So, if you are based out in New York and seeking relief from symptoms of anxiety and depression then you need to seek the services of reliable practitioner offering Applied Kinesiology in NY.