How Can Complementary Medicine Help Women Suffering from Breast Cancer?

Complementary medicine refers to therapies and practices that though not part of the conventional medicine are used along with modern medicine to augment the effectiveness of conventional treatment. This field of healthcare focuses on a complete individual including his/ her physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual health. As a resident of New York, if you are looking for practitioners offering Complementary medicine in Penfield NY, you will come across practitioners offering mind-body medicine, body-based practices and natural medicine.

Over the years conventional medicine has been accepted by the fraternity of modern medicine as a safe and effective means of treating wide range of issues including debilitating diseases like breast cancer. Studies have revealed that people diagnosed with breast cancer have benefited tremendously from complementary medicine. However, it’s important to understand that complementary therapies do not include same level of rigorous testing and treatment methodologies as conventional medicine.
Statistics reveal that 80% of breast cancer survivors opted for at least one corresponding technique to give them a more active role in their overall treatment. However, for most of the survivors of breast cancer, complementary medicine has helped alleviate symptoms, ease the side effects of treatment while improve the quality of life.
As of now, the evidences gathered so far in support of complementary therapies have to do more with relieving side effects of conventional therapy. For instance, acupuncture has been found to offer relief from nausea and vomiting but it hasn’t been effective for getting rid of hot flashes in patients suffering from this deadly disease. However, there are other different types of Complementary Treatment that have assuaged inflammation and other symptoms.

Practitioners of modern medicine also recommend proper nutrition and increased physical activity in addition to chemotherapy and other conventional treatment for cancer. Since, women suffering from breast cancer are more prone to obesity, especially those who are suffering from estrogen-receptor breast cancer, proper diet and an aggressive physical fitness regime are important complements to conventional breast cancer treatments. In fact, a proper diet that is low in animal fats and high in fiber such as fruits and cruciferous vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli, and kale along with improved physical activity has accounted better survival rates among-st women suffering from breast cancer.
While there are several hospitals, and cancer support centers that offer complementary therapies free of cost, yet one may opt to pay for it privately in case such an option is not available.