Risks associated with Chiropractic Care and How to Find the Best Chiropractor

Dr Sadlon
Dr Sadlon
Oct 31, 2017 · 3 min read

Chiropractic treatment is not new in the world of medicine. Due to its healing capabilities, it is gaining popularity these days. It is based on the principle of treating disorders through spinal manipulation. A chiropractor can cure a myriad of health disorders by simply adjusting the spine through physical efforts. This establishes a smoother energy flow between the mind and the body and heals the disease.

Chiropractic Care

This article brings up the facts, potential downsides and suggestions about chiropractic care to help you obtain the best care.

What does a Chiropractor do?

Best Chiropractor in Rochester

A chiropractor does the treatment by aligning the patient’s spinal cord through a variety of manipulation techniques. A seasoned chiropractor knows how to diagnose a given disorder using different technologies such as X-rays, MRI scanning and so on. They also know how to use it as a holistic medicine to cure the patient completely.

In the first visit, the chiropractor conducts many physical exams to diagnose the problem thoroughly and take a brief health history. At this stage, the medical practitioner pays special attention to the spine and bone density. If the bone density is normal, the patient will receive normal care. If the bone density is lower, say the patient is suffering from osteoporosis, they will receive a gentler care.

A chiropractor uses his hands to apply a controlled force or gently strike the injured joint to move normally and reduce pain, and inflammation.

One such movement is a ‘cervical adjustment with high velocity’. In this treatment, the patient needs to rest their head in the hands of the chiropractor, who suddenly applies a thrust on the head in one direction. This is usually followed by a cracking sound.

Expert chiropractors can conduct gentler, low-velocity cervical adjustments also.

Benefits of Getting the Treatment Done by a Seasoned Chiropractor

Though chiropractic has been a great success and a number of people across the globe received successful treatment, there are many risks associated with chiropractic treatment. Getting your neck adjusted by a chiropractor has a risk of ‘stroke’. Many physicians also say that patients should avoid high-velocity neck adjustments. Seasoned chiropractors understand this risk and pay special attention to their patients.

Always take referrals from a trusted friend or a relative. If you want to avoid serious injuries, visit an osteopath. Osteopaths receive a special training in ‘musculoskeletal system’ which connects the nervous system to the muscular and skeletal systems.

If you are a resident of Rochester and looking for the Best Chiropractor in Rochester, always check for their website and feedback from his previous patients. Trust referrals from a friend or relative. A neuromusculoskeletal disorder is a serious problem. So, before going for chiropractic care, make sure that the doctor has experienced hands.

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