How (not) to become an entrepreneur

Well, the title is misleading! but if you want other people to call yourself an entrepreneur or you want look alike an entrepreneur then these are key things that you should and need to do.

How to become an entrepreneur 101

1. Buy a domain and set up a basic website with free or 10–15$ template.

2. Establish a Facebook page.

3. In your facebook and linkedIn add yourself as “CEO” also twitter might help in someways.

4. Posts some start-up stuffs over facebook.

5. Do some other stuff for living.

How to become an entrepreneur 102

5. Actually set up a office.

6. Sometime join in some meets ups, there talk and behave like you really know something, if possible become a speaker over there.

7. Some group selfie with caption “Proud of my team”, while most of your team members hate you.

8. Business card with CEO written in it. (most important).

9. Still do some other stuff for living like doing client projects (it will make your company an agency but who cares you are calling it a start up so whatever!).

10. Always talk about start-up, equity, investors, business models etc etc.

11. Often visit to co-working spaces.

But if you want be a real entrepreneur like actually do something or making something please don’t waste your time by bragging . It’s not easy and it’s not a trend, It’s real and serious business.