Who Wants It The Most?
Brian Athey

This is awesome Brian. If I was there I would also feel intimidated by all the great people there. This is refreshing to read. I’d like to apply to the ticket — I actually got invited but upon seeing the cost, I realized I could not afford right now.

I don’t have a formal design education, I made my career by myself, and now I’ve been privileged enough to work with startups and companies in over 20 countries, and have made some cool side projects that provide real value to people. I’m leading the design of a nonprofit thats making big impact and, I’m helping other designers build a career they love as a UX Mentor in DesignLab, Career Foundry and Springboard.

Would love to go to The Montues to connect with other creatives, help and mentor each other, and of course, to meet my heroes! :D

Even if I don’t get it, thanks for this inside scoop!