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The experience is great but AR still doesn’t have a killer data visualization.

Apple to Google to Facebook to startups like Magic Leap, there are more and more ideas about how augmented reality (AR) could not only replace the smartphone, but every other screen we use.

Following this trend, could AR lead soon to a massive spread of 3D visualizations? Even “become mainstream with Augmented Reality”?
To explore this new field, I’ve developed three 3D data visualizations for AR.

3D charts are mostly unreadable

So far, 3D charts are everything but mainstream and frowned upon in the datavis scene. There is this cliché that 3D visualizations are good for some eye candy “infoporn” or to complicate complexity — main thing you get more press coverage. They don’t really help to provide more insights or a better visual representation of complex data than in 2D. …

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Interface concept for an autonomous agriculture-drone-system

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) such as drones will soon change our urban and rural landscape and the way we live together. They could help us fight diseases more efficiently with flying mosquito traps, deliver goods faster from drone airports to any remote part of the world, improve search and rescue missions after an earthquake, providing web access from above, and will help to feed our growing population of 9.7 billion people by 2050 (more of that later).

But there is one big question which arises in that context: How do we manage and control this growing air traffic in the lower sky?

Combining Data Visualisation and User Experience Design

Do you use an app on your phone or tablet to check your bank balances?You’re not alone. New research by the british Nationwide Building Society highlighted that people were more likely to check their account balance (44%) than their work email (34%) whilst on the move.

The Bank of America also reveals in their “Trends in Consumer Mobility Report 2014” that the most commonly accessed function at mobile banking apps is checking account balances and statements (81%).

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So people like to check their balance on the move and probably analyze their transaction history.

But how come that the currently available banking apps have such a poor user experience for that task? …


Sebastian Sadowski

Interaction designer for Dataviz & UX Design. Founder in Berlin.

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