"errorMessage": "Invalid ApplicationId: amzn1.ask.skill.XXXXXXX"

I have been addicted to Amazon Alexa Skills development for sometime now, especially with the introduction of the “alexa-sdk” node package, my addiction moved into overdrive.

Recently I started hitting the wall when setting my application id during the initialization of the Alexa object. This is supposed to secure calls to your lambda function to only your skill. After googling, tweeting, and searching all around i finally got it to work.

figure 1: Instantiating the Alexa object.
figure 2: The beautiful Error you get when appid is set yet you can’t figure why.

I must say thanks to PaulCutsinger who drew my attention to something I had been doing wrong. Lets get right into it. Notice how I called the appid? this was the first error, this should be APP_ID and not appid.

1. Change the property name to APP_ID

You might have this this right and still have the same error, well that’s not all, then comes the second part, setting the APP_ID in the test configuration. this should be done when you either upload or used the online editor to create your lambda function. see snapshots below.

Select Actions and click configure test event

In conclusion, ensure that the APP_ID variable if you saving it in a config file should be a STRING. Happy Skill building.