i like writing things lately

To be able to write and pour down all your thoughts into words is such a beautiful gift. Because I have learned that there are people who easily fulfill their paper with words and blow your mind while you read them out loud and there are some who struggle on what words to use for congratulating a friend.

I used to write about a person (I guess I still do). I have few writings for everyone whom I considered special. I write about emotions. How do I feel upon meeting you? How do I feel after having a conversation with you? Do I really want you in my life, or am I just afraid of being lonely?

Most of the times, I choose the latter as an answer. But time keeps ticking, people keep moving, nothing really lasts forever. One day you are cheered in front of everyone, the next day they live as if you’re never there.

As time goes by, I learned to appreciate little things. The process was not easy. It was months of ups and downs, traditional markets, and glasses of iced coffee. Guess it is safe to say that I can appreciate things a little better than before.

Someone ever asked me, “how do you know if you’re feeling content?”

And I can clearly remember how I smiled upon reading it, knowing the answer would sound too cheesy for my own good.

Some people just grow up, I dare to say. They walk too fast, they don’t smile just as much, they don’t even bother to notice that there are so many lights on every street at night.

And what do those things do with being content?

Try to stop moving for at least once. Listen to every sound that is possible to be heard around you. Inhale, exhale. Everything is alive, if only you have the time to appreciate, to realize. That, is how I feel content. To see through, and to thank the universe that we’re allowed to stay around, making our path on this temporary land.

(Sometimes it makes me confused how a certain person can make you write such a long-ass paragraph, talking about things… while actually the only reason you had when you first started writing it, was them.)

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