to fall.

have you ever fallen in love with someone? at some point in their life, everyone must have fallen in love. some with people (models, businessmen, seniorsㅡyou name it), you with your favorite fluffy Corgi, those people on the streets with music and arts, teachers with their students’ smiles, God with all of us, and me, with your words.

i just read another paragraph of your writings today. and i must say it is almost impossible not to fall for your beautiful, unexpectedly complicated mind. i have never really interested in talking about philosophical things until you came around.

we spend so many times discussing about everything and nothing, staying up late at night only for some thoughts upon marriage and people’s ignorance, and as time goes by i am starting to realize that i am more than grateful to meet such a gorgeous human being.

i might think of you too highly, i might not want to meet any of your devils, and i might, too, run away when you finally open yourself up to me. i don’t know. there are so many possibilities; too many options.

one thing i know is that i thank the Universe it was not sparks fly, idiot smiles, or sweet nothings being whispered in my ears. i thank the Universe that it was books, brainstorming discussion, and cheap jokes.

i have never really understood how does it feel to fall in love with someone’s mind, to see the stars right in their eyes when they talk about something they like,

until you happened. thank you.