S.A.D Society | Stoned Anime Degens

S.A.D society was created with the idea of mimicking popular NFT art styles similar to Cets on Creck, DeGods, & Yoots with a western anime twist to it.
we aim to make a splash and a new standard for degen mints

What is S.A.D Society?

Stoned. Anime. Degen. A lifestyle NFT brand of 4444 NFTs created for anime fans and the stoners of the Solana community. Combining the power of trending NFT art styles and anime; S.A.D Society aims to create a splash in the Solana space

Launch Phase

. Organic Marketing of the project Via Social Media and Discord
as well as collaborations with other projects prior to mint

. Giveaways, DAO Collab and Invite contests for OG/WL Roles

. Mint Date Announcement & Official Mint

.Listing On Magic Eden, Coral And Open sea

.Continued Marketing And Advertising with paid influencers.

. Hiring Experienced WL hunters


Once minting has been completed or enough funds have been allocated. The official launch of the S.A.D Dao will begin. Holders will be given a verified chat role as long as their NFTs are within their wallet. Early game perks of holding your NFTs are as followed:

. Access to S.A.D Dao and official holders chat/role

. Verified holders will receive White Listing for other Solana projects daily

. Sneaky Devils Premium Signal Tools Will be acquired and setup for DAO verified holders

.Continued expansion and collaboration with other projects/DAOs


Once we’ve established ourselves and began building the DAOs foundation and providing value to holders. We will launch the lifeblood of the project: $DGems

. Creation and Launch of $Dgems and token allocation

. Creation of the SAD Workshop

.Development of Custom Staking & Raffle system

. Initial circulation of tokens & Continued marketing


Once we’ve managed to execute the first phases of our roadmap and reach this stage we’ll begin to work towards our ambitious goals that bring the project into the real world.

.Exclusive Merch in Exchange for $DGems

. Real World Brand Collaborations

. Animation Studio creation

The Basics

$DGems will also act as the DAOs governance token and be available on Dex/Raydium post mint . The basic tokenomics for $Dgems is as follows:

Initial Liquidity: 0

DGEM Total Supply: 30.000.000

→ Staking Reward: 18,750,000 (62.5%)

→ Ecosystem: 7,500,000 (25%)

→ Marketing: 1,875,000 (6.25%)

→ Team: 1,875,000 (6.25%)

- Raffle Tickets for NFTs: 30 $DGEMS
- Daily Reward of $Dgems Per NFT = 1 $DGEMS
- Staking Lock Up Time = 24 Hours
- Maximum Amount of entries per raffle = 20

Gamified Staking progression
Using $DGems you can increase your staking rewards. With Each level up taking longer and having an increased cost from the last level up. for a maximum staking reward of 10 $DGems per day

level 1 > 14 Level 2 > 28 Level 3 > 32 level , Etc

Project Governance

Token holders will also have the option of using their tokens on deciding the direction of the DAO and project. Holders can vote on the usage of a portion of the DAO funds I.E Voting on New Tools, DAO Mints, NFT purchases, and more.

DAO proposals WILL NOT PASS if under 30% of token holders do not vote on a decision
DAO proposals are automatically veto after 72 hours if under 30% of token holders do not vote

DAO Proposals must have at least 60% of token holders vote in order for a proposal to pass unanimously

Ties will be decided by another subsequent vote with the same rules

The Work Shop

The unique usage and burn mechanics for S.A.D Society are what we pride ourselves on in standing out in the community.

Holders of $DGem tokens will have the ability to do two things

One is the ability to partake in raffles/Giveaways for NFTs and Whitelisting

SECOND is that they will have the ability to redeem special 1/1s from the artist in their original art style! The same style to be used for the production of a new graphic novel

These 1/1s will be unlike other 1/1s They will be their own unique creations with no resemblance to the NFTs in anyway and will feature tiers.

Sketch Tier = 300 $DGems

Line art Tier = 600 $DGems

Colored Tier = 900 $DGems

Once production begins on the graphic novel holders will have the option to use their $DGems to aid in the creation of the graphic novel as They will be able to play a part on things such as, Character Designs, Backstories, Story beats, and much more!


S.A.D Society aims to be a place where people of all backgrounds can come together to not only learn the ways of the Solana degens. But also a place where they can have a hand in creating something with their voice and opinion playing an integral role in the development of the project



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