Mega Project|Social Work -Final

Apropos to the last blog on volunteer work we have selected as our mega project, I am writing this blog on behalf of my whole team. We have decided our name as Fantastic Four, a name from a fictional movie because we are four group members. 
We have decided to do two task in this mega project as I mentioned in my last blog, it was:

1.Cleaning Graveyard
2. Collecting Clothes for Wall of Kindness


For that, we first decided to contribute together and bought supplies which would be a necessary part. We bought supplies like:

  1. Broomsticks
  2. Spade
  3. Wheelbarrow
  4. gloves
  5. masks
  6. Water
  7. Juices and snacks for the children working with us

Work Plan

We, on last Saturday 20th May, gathered in the graveyard at around 10:30 a.m nearby Pak Block. We bought the supplies, some of them were given to us by grave diggers, and then we gathered the children and asked other people from outside the graveyard to come and join us. All the children of grave diggers gathered with us and we felt happy and motivated to see that. We collaboratively distributed tasks like each member had to clean a specific portion of the graveyard. And with that struggle and hard work, we all were able to clean maximum portion of the graveyard.


The challenges we faced in doing this kind act are:

  1. Hot weather almost 39°/25° was recorded on that day.
    2.People showed skeptical behavior but we still motivated to work
    3.Hygienic issues as graveyard was full of messy and nasty areas 
    4.Some sort of superstitious things we found there, that was the biggest challenge
    5.After some time, most of the children were left the task and we had only 2 kids left behind.

Clothes Collection

Our second volunteer work was to collect clothes and put it on Wall of Kindness wall so that poor people could benefit from it. We selected one street opposite to graveyard, the Pak Block area, and we then went to door to door to collect clothes. People, due to security concerns, were not willing to even talk to us. But some of them trusted us and given some clothes and shoes. We also brought clothes from our own houses and after cleaning graveyard and collecting clothes, we went to that wall and put items on it. After a few minutes had gone, poor people started gathering there and taken the clothes from that wall as per their requirements.


We had overall done our best and the experience was worth telling. It gave us a feeling of our responsibility towards others around us and gave us a motivation that we should continue doing these kinds of small kindness acts and social work in our future as well.

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