My life-time Mentors

Mentorship is really helpful in your career growth and successful life. Taking advice from the person you admire and who take cares of you as like a child, holding your finger and takes you through the ups and downs of the life steadily and smoothly.
Taking advice is a very good habit but from those who are really worthy of giving sincere one. I happened to read the article of Michael Hyatt where he shares about whom to ask advice and how can you find out that this advice is worth acceptable. And there you need to find out that person who is successful in his career and life. There comes the need of a mentor who guides you in your difficult situation and in choosing or selecting any path you are going to take.
I am not a very successful lady as other renowned leaders and entrepreneurs but I am proud of what I am right now. I am educated and confident woman with the help of my lifetime mentor my mother. My mother life was not very simple as I have spent my life so far. My father lived in abroad and my mother had to do everything from grocery to finding out plumber or painters for our home, from cooking and feeding 7 children and helped them in their studies as well. My mother was always ready to guide us whenever we need her even also when we didn’t realize we need her.
My father was supporting us financially and struggling hard and his dream was that his every child could take higher education from a recognized university. My parents always encouraged me to stand up on my own feet and do jobs even that job which is not paying you suitable amount. He wouldn’t complete even his matriculation but yes he was a very successful businessman at his time. Due to lack of higher education, he wanted all of us to be graduated from university and we all did that.
My another mentor is my boss and he happens to be my very good friend Mr. Yahya Khalid who always encourages me to take a step to be an entrepreneur and always encourages me to learn and apply skills which are required in moving further in my passion and career. He helped me in learning and practically implementing all the study I have done in starting and understanding a business. He frequently shares with me different cases and projects and how he completes all of them. As my future goal was not very clear in my mind, he found out my passion and encourages me to follow that with persistence.
I am very lucky to have very good mentors in my life and mentorship is really very important if you really desire to be something in your future.It is not a shame for anyone to ask advice from someone who is actually following that same advice and reached the apex of his life. And mentors and mentees relationship is very respectful, a relation that binds together for the lifetime because of the sincerity and purity in that relationship.

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