How to make friends and influence people

Some of you may be familiar with the famous book from Dan Carnegie, “How to make friends and influence people”. The essence of the book is “Care about people first and they will care about you”. This book definitely change your perception towards people around and also it teaches you a lot how you see and judge other.

Being interested is better than being interesting and so being interested can be powerful tool.

How to make friends and influence people more and more in short time and I learnt from the Dale Carnigie. The main theme of his book is we can make friends and influence peoples by talking about them not about you. He seduces us by giving many examples of daily life and his life. One of these is, when one magician went on the stage his secret of success was that he used to influence people by talking about them not about his self. When he talked about people, about others, or about standing people, and peoples consideration became more. This is the key to influence others.

As Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) said, “Blessed is the man who speaks good and triumphant.” Being interested in anything makes us able to care more and more about that thing. We listen everything with great attention which is about that thing and we give importance. We involve ourselves to them.We make our self fully aware of that. This habit is very useful because it enables us to work hard and do everything with passion and responsibility.

The fundamental principles of Amal Fellowship, to realize the real powers of your words, you need to put your words into actions. At the end, I made up my mind to treat all friends and family members with great interest. While I was behaving them, I was really interested and showed them passion and care which worked as a tool to turn on their kindness. As they felt that my words are so deemed with care and interest, they started to behave me in the same way. It was really awesome moment and happiest while others felt so pleasant with my words.

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