Life as a series of projects

“I will get away as soon as I complete this project”

Oh dear, I am so busy these days, trying to squeeze in so much of work, exercise, travel, blabla… I will get away as soon as I complete this project( to some exotic place, in the hope that it will make me forget my SELF)

All the thoughts that travelled on the tube with you, that weird dream you could not keep thinking about the other day, the extraordinary smile of that little boy on the street which reminded you of an old friend… Bits of our life seems to be hanging around us, sometimes in clouds of dust, or a catchy tune- but most of “humans” try to wipe them away : “Nay, I am too busy to daydream right now, why am I getting lost in thoughts?”

Everyone is talking on how to concentrate better, what a concentrated mind is able to achieve, how this new app empowers your brain. concentration is a golden box bearing gifts for success, decisions getting executed and everyone moving towards shiny goals in a linear path. I am no scientist or psychologist, but as an individual, I am tired of this constant emphasis on concentration. It is void of the nature of concentration, assumes that mind is empty, clean and white all around at times and full of creative and analytical miracles at other intervals. How I experience my own mind is nowhere near that: it gets fuzzy on a typical morning, it is chaotic but full of colors when having fun in a conversation, it feels silent winds while resting in a hammock, much like the surface of sea.

In a way, my mind wants to get more of the daily details, linger on them and focus on how it feels that particular moment, rather than getting blinded with a massive, ordinary signal saying “ next: what to do for the best weekend/career/life ever?” none of those details can be traded or pre-ordered though. that’s why the monetized world tries to embrace you & hold your hands across the high street so that you can continue hoarding commodities, even hunt for experiences to be bought. Instead of sitting on the bench across the park, simply lying down and singing, or reading under the sun.

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