Life learning is not just a quote.

During a conversation with my dear girlfriend I said a phrase, it felt like a bomb dropped in me right after I verbalized my thoughts, almost an epiphany. Indeed an epiphany. And it sounded like this;

Some ask for a peace of mind, and some other needs a piece of mind.

I don’t usually talk in discussions, I am a type who listens most, who prefers to remain in silence (almost in absolute silence that often doesn’t help) instead of arguing. It is an attempt to keep the peace of mind and reflect on situations, kind of digesting slowly. On the other hand, I am often too distracted with everything else and not very mindful. This phrase is said for another purpose, but it was such a perfect moment to affix it to my life and carry on with me.

Life learning should raise like a slap in the face, not by only reading valuable quotes. You need to say it sometimes, out loud… or in silence, but your heart and mind hear it loudly.

I ask for a peace of mind, and I need a piece of mind.
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