Thanks to Sheepit RenderFarm

with love and respect

Sheepit-RenderFarm is an awesome service, the big thing is I get to give what I have. I too did some test and did a quick test of my fluid simulation which took 14 minutes to render a frame @ 200spp with denoiser for leaner result in my old i3@2GHz. But the points I earned and joining a team really boosted my render to finish in 3 hours, also I liked the tiling feature.Huge thanks to all the good people out there.

Since I got about 20k points rendering others projects I was not far behind in the queue and the Remington graphics team is great to be part of

I was pretty amazed by this graph of the project since I send 250 frames and selected 2x2 tiles that was total of 1000 frames to be rendered and the powerful machines in the network didn’t need much time to finish it.

This is a single frame that was split to 4 tiles and the render times at 500spp is amazing when compared to the time I will take to finish rendering.

A huge thanks to these guys, I respect and Love you all.