Edhi sahib uses all four principals of Amal Academy as he is the main inspiration behind this whole project but particularly amal is the utmost principle that he practiced most like he started earning money by doing small jobs like selling pencils he does not hesitate about doing small things like this so in Amal we start from doing small ye effective activities like get to know each other . I strongly believe in getting technical education so that we we become self sufficient.

I wanted to build and institution regarding mental development and providing solutions to different societal pressures and taboos and and various other stigmas related to our south Asian region..i believe if we need to be progress as a nation we need to produce our own ideas our own work because most of the time we cannot relate to the solutions provided by western perspective.i wanted to achieve this because i like to inspire people by make them think out of box or other rational options to their problems. In past i have tried so many times but people are too afraid to embrace the realities of they just want to enjoy the perks of western influence and only complain about its global outcomes. they do not want to cope with new challenges they just think by criticizing an aspect you simply made your point nut the truth is we need to address them if we want our future generations to be more wise about their choices and attributes.

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