The Importance of Play and Playschools for children

More than 90 % of human brain of human is developed before the age of six years. This is the reason why a child needs extra care and support for the right development of his social, intellectual, logical, physical and emotional skills.

The learning of child starts as soon as it opens its eyes in this world. Child starts recognizing the real world that surrounds him. But the real learning of a child starts when it starts its preschool or nursery school education. Though the learning process and brain development continues throughout the life of a person yet in the first six years children learn the things at great pace and they learn many key skills during this age. At this age children develop their speech abilities, they learn what is good or bad in nature, they develop their senses and so on.

The role of parents in this age of a child is very important and a right move can leave a tremendous impact on a child’s life. This move can be choosing a right playschool and kindergarten for your child. A good kindergarten has the potential to provide high-quality, individualized, responsive, and stimulating experiences that will influence the child’s learning experience.

It is seen in the various experiments that playing is very important for children for their social, emotional, and physical development. In the kindergarten children learn while they play. Children can learn many skills while they play and therefor play should be considered an important part of a child’s early education.

Safari Kid is an International Kindergarten having its centers in USA, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, Hong Kong and India that understands the importance of play and offers learning to children through various play like- Functional Play, Constructive play and pretend play.

A functional play is based on toys and objects that can be filled with sand, water, thermocol beads. These are generally outdoor sports and very popular among the kids of the age up to 3 years.

In the constructive play children are made to create something. These plays includes building blocks, puzzles and more. These sports develop logical and analytical skills in the children of the age of 3 years to 5 years.

Pretend play allows children to express themselves and events in their lives. Normally a child will transform themselves or a play object into someone or something else. These sports are liked very much by the children of the age 5 years to 7 years and with the time, as the children grow older their interest in such sports fade away.

These sports are very important for the children in their growth. Safari Kid, in all its centers, has vast play area with all these sports for different age groups to make learning a fun activity for your child.

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