What makes a South Luangwa Walking Safari so special?

If you enjoy the outdoors, have an interest of nature and watch national geographic documentaries at home then you have to get to South Luangwa. South Luangwa National Park is Zambia’s parks’ crown jewel and to visit here is to experience one the most beautiful wilderness areas in Africa with prolific big game. The creature that draws the most attention is undoubtedly the leopards of South Luangwa and with incredibly high densities of these beautiful predators you are pretty much destined to see at least one or two during a safari. Then of course there are all the citizens — notable lion prides, massive pods of hippo, great elephant herds, raucous baboons, sly crocodiles, inquisitive giraffe and sinister hyenas to name but a few. Although most people visit South Luangwa to explore it on the back of an open air game drive safari, the finest way to explore the park is no doubt on a walking safari for which South Luangwa is famous for. On these walking safaris you have the option of only walking or also mixing it up with game drives where the best of both worlds can be experienced.

What is better? Walking versus game drive safaris in South Luangwa National Park

Being one of the first places in Africa to offer walking safaris, South Luangwa is an ideal place to get out on foot, awaken your senses and experience the authentic, raw and real Africa. In fact, when you get the chance to walk in the wild, you actually feel as though you are part of the environment which you don’t feel in a vehicle. Your senses become so much more in tune and you appreciate all the little things that much more. You will stop and spend as much time looking at an insect as you would at a zebra.

Do you need to be fit for a walking safari?

Although a certain base level of fitness is recommended, a South Luangwa walking safari can be tailor-made for you and your family or friends. Depending on the time you have, your level of fitness and how keen you are to spend long or short periods out in the wild, you can spend 2–3 hours walking each day up to 7–8 hours. You can als select the duration of the walking safari which can be anywhere from 2–10 days.

Where do you stay on a South Luangwa Walking Safari

You spend the days between walks and the evening in one of several quaint luxury bush camps which are the perfect place to recover, relax and soak in the African wilderness. These camps are well run, offer superb service and provide everything that you need to have the most memorable South Luangwa walking experience. Falling asleep in a comfortable bed under your mosquito net with the orchestra of African night sounds is absolutely idyllic in the truest sense of the word.

Do you see more animals on foot or from a game drive vehicle?

You definitely get closer to larger game in a game drive vehicle but you do miss out on a lot of the smaller animals out there. The essence of a walking safari is focusing on the whole picture — big and small animals, plants, birds, rocks and so forth and so provides a safari ‘in detail’. You do encounter the larger game but not from the close proximity you would in a vehicle. However by opting to do a few walks and mixing it up with some game drives means that you get the best of

In a vehicle you obviously cover more ground than on foot, but on a walking safari you are able to get to places that a 4x4 vehicle cannot. You’ll also be much closer to the tapestry of smells, sounds & signals of the African bush so whether it’s the fresh tracks of a lion or watching dung beetles manage their job of rolling poop, you will appreciate it all that much more.

A South Luangwa walking safari simply has to be experienced! Visit South Luangwa today.


It’s this amazing African wilderness; South Luangwa is a top walking safari destination. To be walking in the presence of big game such as lions, buffalo and elephants makes it one of the ultimate exhilarating sensory experiences: whilst the serenity allows one to completely relax and detach from the stresses of the modern world. Simply put you appreciate everything that much more — from the aromas of African bush, the rich golden rays early morning light, and the evenings around the campfire — this is what its all about!

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