Are You Worried Your Oral Health is in Decline?

It probably is!

Here are the top eight things you can do to improve your oral health

— right now!

  1. Brush twice a day
  2. Avoid snacking in-between meals
  3. Avoid sugary drinks (or if you have them finish them quickly — don't sip!)
  4. Floss — (a little bleeding in the gums is ok -keep going)
  5. Brush your tongue
  6. Drink water/ stay hydrated
  7. Chew sugar free gum after meals
  8. Visit the dentist every six months

In Australia 40% — 59% of 6–19 year olds have untreated dental decay.

It’s estimated between 5–20% of people are affected by severe periodontal (gum) disease — the leading cause of tooth loss.

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