Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

Each and every step in life gives us lesson and messages to improve our next steps like future plans.As the life is a continuous journey so we should also have to take care about our journey. So for learning process I joined Amal career prep fellowship which taught me great lessons and improved my learning.

By following this quote I created a sense to learn more .

In Amal fellowship as I learnt many lessons but the most favorite one lesson is “Going extramile”. It is the lesson which I think that can leads to anyone on a successful position.

As I learnt that when any body takes extramile in his duty, he learns more and more.Extramile is to do more than the people expect from you ,so that point of view I take the steps to follow this.

That is reason I wanted to work by going extra-mile to become an excellence example for others.These quotes clearly show the importance of going extra-mile.

I have plained to go for extra-mile to complete the fellowship by traveling too long distance by facing a lot off problems. But I have to extra-mile that I have learnt from Amal.

After the completion of fellowship I have also planned to go extra-mile in my study to complete the projected work with some extra works.Because I believe in the following quotes that is given;-

By following this quote I think I will be able to find more opportunities …Insha Allah.

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