Do Startups Have a Drinking Problem?
Sarah Jane Coffey

This is a super interesting article and a great read (comments are spot on too). I have a background in UK asset management/ high finance, and my experience is that whenever staff would go out for company meetings or outings (and the client would leave), staff would then get together and drink to the point of drunkedness/ getting sick/ getting home at 2.30am even though they have a meeting at 8am the same day! I always got away with having a religious excuse so I have never drunk alcohol (or have been drunk), but I've seen the incredible pressure placed on people that are trying to say “no, I don’t want to drink thank you”, and then get given several shots and a large glass of alcohol (girls too) to “get them started”. I think a lot of people would rather abstain and just enjoy the atmosphere, but it’s usually the senior people that insist everyone just gets drunk, otherwise I think most would drink responsibly and get home at a reasonable time. Who wants to store up all those health problems for the future anyway? I think higher up managers need to stop pressuring young people to drink to excess if they don’t want to. I currently work at a start-up and there’s no such drinking culture, so perhaps I am an anomaly compared to most of others’ comments. Besides how can anyone work efficiently if all they are doing is getting drunk, and then discussing the previous night’s antics at work the next day….

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