Introducing SafeBNB — way to the next moon

Introducing SafeBNB Whitepaper


SafeBNB is an experimental crypto-currency issued on Binance Smart Chain using BEP-20 token standard. SafeBNB is built with anti-rug pulls and anti-dump in mind.

Over the last year, many experimental tokens have been created on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain with the goal to create a cryptocurrency where every holder can benefit from the token and to build a new token economy with the use of the created token. Different tokenomics, experimental lock & burn schemes have been issued. Along with those new tokens, scammers have also been creating rug-pull tokens with the goal to steal users’ money.

With that being said, SBNB is a new token created with the following features:

Community driven & ultra-fair launch

Devs have no pre-mined tokens. All tokens are added to PancakeSwap for initial liquidity and every one must buy SBNB from PancakeSwap pairs. Liquidity will be only determined by the community governance.

Anti-rug pulls:

Liquidity is automatically accumulated per every token transfer. Every token transfer has a liquidity fee of 5% of the transferred token amount. The fee is added to the liquidity pool on PancakeSwap. This allows liquidity pools to increase by every transaction, thus enabling anti-rug pulls.

In-wallet passive income:

Every transaction has 9% of the transferred token amount. Half of The fee is redistributed to all token holders automatically as long as the users hold SBNB. This means users’ token balances grow gradually over time, thus earning passive income in their wallet over time.

Anti-big dump on SBNB price:

SBNB token features a dynamic mechanism that computes the maximum amount of SBNB a user can sell per transaction. The maximum amount is dynamically calculated per transaction based on the current liquidity pool.

Dynamic price flooring:

SBNB will have a dynamic price flooring mechanism, which dynamically computes the floor price of the SBNB on PancakeSwap. Due the price flooring mechanism, any transaction that could dump SBNB price down to the floor price will get burnt.

SBNB tokenomics

SBNB Roadmap


  1. Market Research
  2. Idea and plan
  3. Team formation
  4. Website and smart contracts development

Q2–2021: We are here

  1. Whitepaper, Deck
  2. SBNB ultra-fair launch
  3. PancakeSwap listing
  4. Marketing and community boost
  5. NFT marketplace plan


  1. NFT marketplace boost
  2. NFT integration





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