Hello SafeCapital-Community,

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of redesigned SafeCapital exchange! https://www.bitscap.com/Trade/index

The rebrand gives a strong and modern visual output, typography and colour palette. We are dedicated to building Bitscap exchange into not only a world class cryptocurrency exchange, but also a platform for active crypto traders. By enabling both investments and the utilization of cryptocurrency, we’re offering customers a unique opportunity to begin truly participating in the SafeCapital cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We have big plans for SafeCapital ecosystem and we will make them step by step! We will inform the community every time about the progress made!

More great news will come


Hello SafeCapital-Community,

Today one of the most important milestones was reached and we are thrilled to bring to you the Alpha release of our Exchange. SafeCapital Exchange is up and running and you can check it out at https://www.bitscap.com/

We are proud to announce is listed on BITSCAP Exchange!

Link: https://www.bitscap.com/Trade/index/market/scap_btc

The architecture and security were and are the top priority when it comes to crypto exchange and we are proud to say that the architecture is done in proportion of 94% with a bulletproof security implemented. You can now register as the markets are live for trading. Now, we focus on UX, flows and processes to bring the exchange better and better. More markets will be added, one by one, and also we are preparing to list the exchange on CMC, Coingecko and other top similar websites. According to roadmap we have developed alpha phase on SafeCapital Exchange, Runway IEO and also INVESTBOX platform! You can also enjoy playing dice on INVESTBOX platform! Please be welcome to register and start using the BITSCAP Exchange. …

SafeCapital Exchange

SafeCapital — Unstoppable financial power at the speed of you

Hello SafeCapital Community,

The first important milestone of the project has been achieved!

As a proof of our devotement for SafeCapital project, please find bellow a spoiler for the next step that this team will implement. In the last period we have changed a lot of processes at the operational level and in the same time we have invested huge resources in developing processes. We have been advised by one of the best cyber-security experts and in the same time we have contracted experienced blockchain developers.

The result — SafeCapital Exchange!

This will be built to the highest standards using military-grade security and blazing-fast transaction speeds. In terms of security, SafeCapital exchange will compete with the biggest names out of this industry.

This is really BIG!

We are glad to announce that SAFECAPITAL just signed a publicity agreement with Crypto Trading Whales and we are now part of a +600k active crypto investors.

Crypto Traiding Whales are partners with the biggest crypto platforms: NewsBTC, Etherscan, CMC, Coinranking, CoinGecko, Bitcoinist, Tabtrader, CoinHodler

Our agreement with them gives us the opportunity to get our project before the eyes of high quality investors.

With the following announcements about product development and over 600,000 investors SCAP project will be a great success

SCAP family will get bigger, stay close!

Website Link: https://publicity-experts.com/

Telegram Link: https://t.me/CoinexchangeWhalesTradingGroup

Info Contact: https://t.me/MatheusRoscator

Thank you all for your suport!

Hello SafeCapital-Community

I AM THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE SAFECAPITAL has a new presentation video in English!

Link: https://youtu.be/9nsiq4wTkyw

There is a Competition in progress! Best 5 Commenters will win 1 SCAP

The competition will end in 3 days!

Leave a comment plus your SCAP Address.

In this way we spread around the world about the SafeCapital project!

SCAP will be listed on exchanges soon!


Dear SafeCapital Community We are proud to announce that SAFECAPITAL has a new video in Polish language!

LINK: https://youtube.com/watch?v=IOC8Qk4kcyU&t=16s

In this way we spread around the world about the SafeCapital project NEW INVESTORS=HIGHER PRICE OF SAFECAPITAL IN THE MARKET

Great News,

Hello SafeCapital Community,

We want to announce that SAFECAPITAL is listed on another great shared masternodes platform: Gentarium

Gentarium Platform: Trustless masternode hosting / shared MN / validator / lending platform!

Instant Masternode Available!

LINK: https://mn.gtmcoin.io/coin/289


JOIN: https://discord.gg/bWbyvty

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SafeCapital Coin is now listed on our partners platform: Simple Pos Pool

Simple Pos Pool is one of the biggest and user friendly shared platform and has the following services:

- An intuitive user interface to manage your coins and see pool information

- All functions are presented in an easy to use way

- The frequency of rewards is much higher when you’re staking in a pool, adding up to a higher total reward for each participant than possible when staking alone

- When you’re happy with our service and want to invite your friends, you will benefit from our affiliate…

Great News


Dear SafeCapital Community

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We are proud to announce that SafeCapital is listed on one of the biggest shared MN platform Stakinglab.io!

Instant MN is available!

Join our SafeCapital #shared Masternode Pools:

Link to instant node: https://stakinglab.io/pools/2377

Link to our cold hosting platform: https://clicknode.io/

Your partner for Shared Masternode, Cold hosting platform & PoS services! General info about: ~ 20k active Community

Website: https://pool.stakinglab.io/

Website https://clicknode.io/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Staking_LAB

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stakinglab/

Discord: https://discord.gg/ureFt88

Safe Capital

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