The Complexity of Cultural Evolution
Joe Brewer

Hello Joe,

I have been enjoying reading your work for a while now. Chatting with Bill Kauth about your writing I decided it is time I reach out to connect a bit.

I have just finished my first book, The Impossible Conversation: Choosing Reconnection and Resilience at the End of Business as Usual. that two year project really sucked up my time — and now I’m a bit freer to work on a whole body of work to support the premises of the book.

I am working with Carolyn Baker on a website full of Resources for Reconnection and Resilience… and we are offering a couple of live courses this fall as well. (September 15–17 Ashland OR and October 13–15 Boulder CO)

I am also getting a couple of podcasts off the ground after a couple of years of recording interviews with thought leaders.

I am curious if you might like to spend a few minutes in the coming weeks on a Zoom or Skype call so we might get acquainted? It really seems like you would be a great guest on my podcast, The Poetry of Predicament.

Again, thanks for your great work and I hope we can chat a bit sometime soon.


Dean Walker. safecircle at gmail

check out the Programs page for course info.

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